Ginger Gold
Ginger Gold
Ginger Gold
Ginger Gold
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Ginger Gold

Box of 9 Apples

Months Available
August – November
Flavor Profile
Tasting Notes
Bright and classic yellow apple flavor with hints of hard candy and lime.
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If you really want a fresh-picked apple in late summer, the early-ripening and crunchy Ginger Gold will satisfy all of your snacking desires. The cream-colored flesh and bright yellow-green skin make Ginger Gold a pop of sunshine in a sea of red apples. Bonus: Ginger Gold is slow to brown, so you can cut ahead of time.

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Yes! Apples ships Monday-Wednesday. Orders cannot be shipped to P.O. boxes.

3-day shipping will incur an additional $20 charge or $35 for overnight shipping. At this time, we are unable to ship orders to Alaska, Hawaii, California, and Arizona.

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The best way to keep apples fresh? Take them out of the box, wash them immediately, and refrigerate them. Apples will last 6-8 weeks when refrigerated and 5-7 days when left on the counter.

We Love 'Em For

  • Charcuterie
  • Salads
  • Sandwiches
  • Saucing
  • Snacking

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